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Isadora and Raymond Duncan Dance Research Cente

Founded in 1980 by the Municipality of Byronas, the Isadora & Raymond Duncan Dance Research Center (DDRC) is housed in a unique building of historic and architectural value, designed and built in 1903 by Isadora Duncan’s brother Raymond Duncan. DDRC, an international dance research and residency centre, is in a constant process of reshaping its practices in interdependence with the site’s history, architecture and landscape, the resonance of the Duncans’ legacy on one hand and the changing needs of the dance community, on the other. Melding dance practice with theory and research provides space for inspiration, experimentation and creativity to artists of the Greek and international dance community. The structure and the position of the house, and the way it operates, aim in creating a sense of home for the artist. Through the projects it initiates, DDRC opens spaces of encounter between dance, scientific disciplines and practices of craftwork, care, commons and frugal living, notions which Raymond Duncan experimented with throughout his life. These projects, together with the microscale of the structure, are at the core of its role and identity. DDRC is a founding member of the European Dancehouse Νetwork (EDN).