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PLANT represents a collective effort in fostering and pushing art and cultural production of new imaginaries, alliances and methodologies based on inclusive values and sustainable and situated artistic practices while promoting eco-social responsibility through the Permaculture Principles - a theoretical and methodological framework, which we already understand as a natural updating of basic principles pursued by Raymond Duncan. The Permaculture approach guides us to adapt the patterns and relationships we can find in nature and to transfer them to artistic practice, organizational functioning or our model of living. By learning these principles each person can acquire valuable thinking and conceive tools that help both the artistic and local communities to become more resilient in an era of turbulent changes and uncertainty.

PLANT wishes to question the notion of production that often forces artists to create in precarious (not only in economic terms but also emotional, intellectual and creative) conditions by reshaping the dominant field of art residencies and by providing a common space and methodology, based on modes of critical reflection, collaboration and encounter. Departing from the notion of ‘do it with others’, it tests ideas and makes and encourages discoveries of new interdisciplinary methodologies and dialogues inside and outside of the art field.