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Duncan's Research and Exhibition

On April 22, we decided to begin a 2-week journey (as a family accompanied by Gala and Juls, Ariadnas and Iñaki’s children) following the original route which the Duncan family did back in 1903 to enter Greece as described in the book “My Life of Isadora”. Our goal was to try to look behind the figure of Raymond and to discover a way of thinking. The Duncan Family were travelling guided by the ancient history of Ulises and ideals around ancient Greek culture. We travelled while reading and searching about Raymond’s life and ideas. We started in Brindisi and followed various places that Raymond had visited until we got to Athens, unfolding a series of information and making another trip back in time. In Vyronas, we continued our research inhabiting Raymond's home and discovering its history.

The results of this research will be reflected in an exhibition with a performative activation, which will correspond with each place where it will be presented. As a result of a research/expedition, it goes back to the origins of the idea that made Raymond and Isidora establish those art/eco-communities. Therefore the project relies on the reasons behind the known communities and the Akademia and repeats the trip (from Brindisi to Preveza, Agrinio, Messologhi, Athens and Corfu) that the Duncan family did in order to get inspired and decide to start planning and building their communities, as it is mentioned in the book ‘My Life’ by Isadora Duncan. The exhibition is willing to propose a common ground to discover similar methodologies that could bring Duncan's ideas up to date. The research and production of the exhibition/performance will be undertaken by the artistic collectives nyamnyam and rosanayaris, it will include audiovisual material with excerpts from the itinerary the artists made through the Duncans historical trip as well as a performative activation. The exhibition will premiere in Athens (October ‘23), in Mieres (May ‘23) and also in Oporto (October ‘24), as a result of the connection of this research to PLANT.