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CRL - Central Elétrica

Located in Porto, Portugal, CRL - Central Elétrica is an artistic creation and research centre led by the duo André Braga and Cláudia Figueiredo. At the core of CRL – Central Elétrica’s thinking is the idea of a permanent laboratory, a place to investigate, experiment, create and share. A place for taking risks, developing ideas and testing possibilities. Their line of action follows two lines of action – their own artistic creations x residencies and programming –, contributing to and promoting a closer and more participative artistic practice and research. CRL – Central Elétrica collaborates regularly with important cultural structures in Portugal and has a history of internationalization that includes more than 20 countries: Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Holland, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Poland, Finland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Morocco, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama, Brazil, South Korea and China.